About Us

Good Shepherd Home Health Services is a widely-known agency that provides nursing care, treatment services, personal care, and home health aide services to the residents of the different counties in Houston, Texas.

Our goal is to uphold the quality standards set by the state. In our effort to succeed with our endeavors, we find ways to go above and beyond what our duties call. We approach patients' home health needs with commitment to their over-all wellness - physically, socially and emotionally.

To serve the community that we belong to is an honor. We understand our primary function to be helping elderly individuals, new mothers, disabled adults, and home-bound patients take better control of their health at home. With the use or medication management and treatment programs, we achieve the best possible health for patients in our care.

We also coordinate care with your doctor.

Has your physician recommended home health care services for you? Ask us about getting started with services offered at Good Shepherd Home Health Services.

  9534 Huffmeister Road
      Houston, Texas 77095
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  Phone: 281-861-9146
      Fax: 877-860-8137